Vores favorit tøjbrand ,Kari Traa, har lavet en blog post om Energii og de skriver bl.a.;

“Sanni Wulff Vangsø and Gitte Salling are the Nuns & Knockouts behind of the world’s first and biggest Reformer-center chain, Energii. They startet up in December 2011 and today Energii is located in both Miami, Ibiza and Denmark! These two women are true power-women and we can all be inspired by them. They see opportunities and pursue their dreams! And furthermore: They are super fit! That Reformer is certainly working very well for them… Sanni and Gitte need the best functional clothing for working out on the Reformer and for that Kari Traa is a true match.”

Vi takker for omtalen og er selvfølgelig i Kari Traa næste gang du kommer ned og træner hos os i et af vores tre centre.

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